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Isn't It Nice...Being Nice?
Dalai Lama
Buddist Monk
"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive"
1935 - present
Joe Ellis
Eccentric Englishman
"Isn't It Nice...Being Nice? I created this quotation many years ago, which forms the basis of my human existence"
1960 - present
William Wordsworth
English Poet
"The best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and of love"
1770 - 1850

What's New? - 01 Febraury 2017

Sending an afternoon cream tea by post to people that are ill, need a little uplift or to people you care and appreciate is great kindness.

To day I sent a Delimann Afternoon Tea Extravaganza (as pictured) to a person and team in London, to show that somebody, somewhere, appreciates what they do.

Caring is Sharing, and Sharing is Caring; and remember....

Isn't It Nice...Being Nice?

Joe Ellis, Founder of the Isn't It...Being Nice? Campaign

Isn't It Nice...Being Nice?
An Act of Kindness is the Name of the Game...!
Joe is a full time professional senior karate instructor and is also the National Chair to Britain's largest martial arts organisation, NAKMAS, which is a National Governing Body for traditional and modern martial arts. He was also the National President and Chair to Karate England in its founding years and was the National Chair to the former TABKO (The All British Karate Organisation). He holds a 7th Dan Black Belt and is of international repute.

In his spare time, Joe has two passions: one is as an English Tea Room reviewer in England. He travels the country visiting, reviewing and rating tea rooms and runs the Joe Ellis' English Tea Room Guide; and is Editor to the Time For Tea national magazine. The other passion is being nice and kind to whomever he has the pleasure to meet in the streets, in an English tea room or anywhere for that matter!

Here are some examples of Joe's kindness to others:

  • Buying a pot of tea and scones for strangers in tea rooms.
  • Assisting financially, someone who is obviously having difficulties paying their grocery bill.
  • Helped an elderly lady in Ipswich during his tea room visit, to get help for her injured elderly dog.
  • Sending an afternoon English cream tea to someone ill or in need of a little life lift.
  • Leaving a box of his own free range eggs on the doorstep of elderly people (Joe keeps chicken as pets!).
  • Handing out a Random Act of Kindness envelope, every week to a stranger containing a £5 note and writing a message on the front informing the recipient that he/she is being treated.
  • Buying someone a tea/coffee in a queue in a sports centre café and treating them to a cake or bar of chocolate.
  • Donating second hand televisions, household appliances and furniture to those in need.
  • Taking the elderly to the doctors for medical treatment and then treating them to lunch.
  • Offering printing and media support services to a local disability charity, SNAAP.
  • Taking off the streets a homeless man; fed him, gave him money, helped find him somewhere to live, paid his rent for a while and recovered a substantial amount of money from the Halifax Bank following his home repossession and wrote and spoke to HM Customs & Excise pleading for them to write off a tax bill for thousands of pounds. (Incidentally, they agreed!).
  • Helping the Bethnal Green War Memorial for press and media coverage.
  • Significant monthly contribution to the local food bank.
  • Tons of other ways too!

Well known of his eccentric behaviour aligned to his obvious kindness to others, he decided to create a quotation which can be used to generate niceness and kindness by others and doing good deeds to people. His adult karate members say the quotation at the end of each karate session and his business colleagues and friends say the quotation too. Mike Hayward, a driving instructor of 1stMileswithSmiles, that he now says of kind acts 'Sounds a bit Joe Ellis to me'.

What makes Joe Tick…? Good question and difficult to analyse. An East Londoner, he was born in the 1960s and had a difficult, often violent upbringing.

Joe was clinically diagnosed with Asperger syndrome some years ago, and might explain some of Joe's behaviour.

Joe is married to Sandra, a Doctor of Education specialising in autism. So he kind of has a live-in Doctor beside him..!

Joe and Sandra has been together for 27 years and Joe credits Sandra for turning his life around in order for him to find himself and build a career. He surely has done that.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel...!

Kentish Express, Ashford, Kent - Thursday 29 May 2014:
Noddy, the homeless man in Ashford, Kent

Official Kindness Card - Updated 2017
Spreading the word; being nice and kind
front and back of the kindness cards that are available for free via this website. just make contact...!
Joe Ellis encourages all those that do good deeds to hand the above card to the person being helped. This will help spread the Isn't It Nice...Being Nice? Campaign and may encourage others to do the same, making the world a bettter place to live in...

Send an email to Joe Ellis via if you would like some cards to be sent to you; no charge...!

Isn't It Nice...Being Nice?

Freemasonry & Charity
Joe Ellis (as pictured above) is a senior Freemason and was installed as Master of Sharpers Hall Lodge No.9196 (his mother lodge) in January 2013. He was appointed Secretary to the Millennium Lodge of Charity in East Kent No.9730 two years before becoming a Worshipful Brother.

During his year as Master of Sharpers Hall Lodge, Joe and his wife, Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis raised over £5,500 for a local disability support charity SNAAP; they have been heavily involved in raising money for and working with local, national and international charities before and since this period.

Charity has been embedded in Joe's heart since childhood, when he won the annual trophy for the most charity money raised for three consecutive years in the Boys Brigade (as pictured below) in the late 1960s, and could be found helping his neighbours with shopping and other errands.

He is currently active within Freemasonry and is well regarded and highly respected.

Click here to read Joe's article; What is Freemasonry?

Ist Year Charity Trophy Winner
2nd Year Charity Trophy Winner
3rd Year Charity Trophy Winner
Under National Boys Brigade rules, members are allowed to permanently keep their charity trophy if the child has won the trophy three times in a row. Joe did just that, and to this day, Joe still has the trophy as a reminder of his charity work, starting from a young age.

Press Release

Recognised in Tea Rooms around England for his honest and sometimes unconventional views, Tea Room Guru and senior professional Karate Instructor, Joe Ellis, has made it his mission for many years to encourage friends and family to 'Be Nice' and make the World a better place. His personal motto has always been 'Isn't It Nice…Being Nice', and he has now decided to take this a step further and launch his own campaign on the basis of the adage of 'actions speak louder than words'.

Ellis of the Joe Ellis' English Tea Room Guide began by inviting customers to join him for tea whilst on his visits and he regularly sends postal cream teas to individuals who are unwell. During the winter weather, he can be found clearing driveways and shopping for local elderly people known to him. He asks for no payment or reward, just the satisfaction of a job well done and a smile on the recipient's face.

Whether it is buying food and a cuppa for a homeless person on the street; paying a clearly struggling individual's grocery bill; or helping someone home with their shopping bags, a good deed lifts the giver's spirits as well as makes the receiver's day. In turn the recipient may react with his or her own kind act.

This is the premise of the 'Isn't It Nice…Being Nice' campaign. After the act has been executed, the giver will give the receiver a business type card which is printed with details of the campaign and invites them to repeat the process. Ellis has designed it to eventually become a chain reaction.

The card also details the associated website and Facebook page details where individuals can log on to get ideas, post their own deeds, or simply be inspired. Individuals can also register for a batch of cards to be sent out for use. Ellis hopes that these actions will spread across the country eventually, making it a much nicer place to be and helping lots of people as well.

Ellis said 'the world is turbulent with regular news of disasters and distress. People need good things in their life and communities should look after each other. By causing a chain effect, the deeds will spread further.'

Ellis already has his karate students and business colleagues spreading the word, and recently was told by Michael Hayward, a driving instructor of 1stMileswithSmiles, that he now says of kind acts 'Sounds a bit Joe Ellis to me'.

If you would like to help make the country a happier place, join the campaign now at or


Joe Ellis is a full time professional senior karate instructor; 7th Dan Black Belt and is international repute. He is also the National Chair of the UK based NAKMAS National (Martial Arts) Governing Body.

To contact Joe Ellis
PO Box 262, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 9AW
Tel: 01227 370055

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To contact Joe Ellis
Isn't It Nice...Being Nice?
PO Box 262, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 9AW
Tel: 01227 370055