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J.K Rowling and Dr Sandra Beale-Ellis
Book and magazine publishing is the easiest aspect of the business. Quality authors and quality contributors is the most demanding.
Libby Ellison, Publishing Editor, NAKMAS Publishing
An Uncensored Insight Into The Craft
ISBN: Currently Being Allocated
This book gives an uncensored insight into The Craft by Joe Ellis who is a senior Freemason.

Joe progressed from that of an Entered Apprentice to becoming a Master of a Lodge within the United Grand Lodge of England.

An interesting insight for Freemasons and non-Freemasons.

Autism & Martial Arts:
A Guide for Children, Teachers and Teachers
"The book is well written and straightforward to follow and has helped me immensely to more understand the autistic mind"

Chris Davies
Amazon Review

"Her insight is exceptional being an autistic person with Aspergers Syndrome"

Steve Keeler
Amazon Review

Full colour magazines
Publishing full colour magazines has been part of the NAKMAS brand for many years
Time For Tea Magazine
The official magazine for Joe Ellis' English Tea Room Guide -
The NAKMAS Journal
The official magazine for the NAKMAS National Governing Body -
Masonic Magazine
The official magazine for the UK Masonic Grand Lodge -
NAKMAS Publishing
Originally set up as an in-house publishing in 2000
About NAKMAS Publishing
NAKMAS is a small independent publishing house based in Kent and operates within England and New York.

Originally set up as an in-house publishing in 2000 for booklets and magazines for the NAKMAS National (Martial Arts) Governing Body. NAKMAS Publishing decided to expand and become independent as from the 2nd November 2014 (its official launch date).

NAKMAS Publishing was always going to be independent from the NAKMAS NGB and with this in mind, registered the NAKMAS Publishing logo as a registered trademark via the Intellectual Property Office in February 2012. It shares its offices and their press/media department with the NAKMAS NGB, but this may change sometime in the near future.

What was going to be a specific publishing house for martial arts books, has now expanded, and NAKMAS Publishing will consider factual books from authors in sectors ranging from sport and health to history and general interest.
"NAKMAS Publishing is passionate about good ethics and sound governance"
NAKMAS Publishing is passionate about good ethics and sound governance and feels that an author deserves to be treated with great respect. It is the author who has put lots of time...providing a service to the author to ensure the book becomes published. NAKMAS Publishing is committed to ensuring the book has maximum publicity in order for people to buy it.

The NAKMAS NGB press and media department has had huge success in relation to publicity within national and regional newspapers, BBC and independent radio as well and BBC and ITV television. Therefore, it makes sense for NAKMAS Publishing to share the NAKMAS NGB press and media department which can only benefit the author and NAKMAS Publishing in the long run.

It is not the intention for NAKMAS Publishing to become a massive operation or compete against well established publishers. Instead we aim to expand our operation enough to remain a small but solid publishing house, having a close and friendly working relationship with the authors.
"It is not the intention of NAKMAS Publishing to become a massive operation"
Becoming an Author
Book Submissions
Book submissions
What to submit

If you wish to present a book proposal, please write to NAKMAS Publishing by post or email, sending a letter of introduction, curriculum vitae, table of contents, and a prospectus. You may include a sample chapter, but please do not send a complete manuscript unless invited. For proposal guidelines and other information, see our Submissions FAQ.

The proposal may be sent to an independent third party to review its viability. Names will be removed for this purpose.

Unsolicited material

While we welcome your submissions, we cannot be responsible for any unsolicited manuscripts, photos, or artwork. It is not our policy to return proposals, so please do not send originals.

Please send your proposal to the address below, or via email.

Editorial Department
NAKMAS Publishing
PO Box 262
Herne Bay
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What makes a complete submission package?
A. Please send a letter of introduction that concisely offers the key facts about your manuscript. Include with it your table of contents, a project description, and your curriculum vitae. We also welcome a sample chapter, but please do not send us your complete manuscript until we ask you to do so.

Q. What should my project description cover?
A. There is no set format, but a good project description (or book proposal, as it is also called), will include an accessible overview of the work, a concise chapter-by-chapter summary, an account of your book's relationship to comparable or competing works, your assessment of your book's audience, and practical details including length, number of illustrations, and the status of the work. All this should be accomplished in 5-10 pages.

Q. I'm not sure if you are publishing in my field. May I send a quick e-mail to find out?
A. We would much rather receive a proper submission at the outset. If you think there's a good chance that we would be interested in your work, send along a full proposal and supporting material by e-mail or post.

Q. You really don't mind submissions by e-mail?
A. We accept serious submissions by e-mail but also welcome submissions by regular post. If you use e-mail, please treat the body of your message as your letter of introduction so that we can read the basic information about you and your project without opening an attachment. Our editors generally do not respond to e-mail submissions that are obviously mass-mailed or are clearly inappropriate for NAKMAS Publishing.

Q. How long should I expect to wait for a response to my initial submission?
A. You will hear from us very quickly, almost immediate, by way of acknowledegment but you should expect to hear in six to eight weeks. If you have not heard within two months from NAKMAS Publishing, feel free to send a query by e-mail.

Q: Do you issue reprints or revised editions of older books?
A. Yes, we will consider such projects. If we can obtain paperback rights and identify a continuing readership for a book, and if the project meets with our approval, we reprint the book.

Q: Is your publishing contract industry standard?
A: Of course. We would not have it any other way...!

Q. I want to ask about distribution, on behalf of my institution or publishing house. Whom should I contact?
A. Please write to Libby Ellision via

Q: Is NAKMAS Publishing a member of a trade organisation?
A: Yes. NAKMAS Publishing is a full member of the Independent Publishers Guild and has been for some years.
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NAKMAS Publishing
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